Background: The Sultan’s Bravery Medal (Midal Jura’at us-Sultan ul Battuli) was instituted by Sultan Said bin Taimur in January 1968 for brave and distinguished conduct in the face of the enemy. British forces seconded to the Sultan of Oman’s Armed Forces who were decorated with this award were granted unrestricted permission by the Queen to wear the medal.

Design: The circular medal, measuring 37mm in diameter, is manufactured in gilt cupro-nickel. The obverse bears in the centre the Omani coat of arms, being a crowned pair of crossed Omani swords in scabbards, a sheathed Khunjar with belt attachments, the emblem having engraved inscriptions in Arabic above and below. The reverse bears a central Arabic inscription, “gallantry”, surrounded by a palm laurel wreath. The medal is suspended from a straight bar suspender. The multi-coloured ribbon has five vertical stripes of dark blue, red, green, yellow and light blue.

Bars: Additional acts of bravery at the same level will be signified by the award of a bar worn across the ribbon.