Star of Military Valour

Background: The Military Valour Decorations, approved by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in 1993, are national honours awarded to recognise acts of valour, self-sacrifice or devotion to duty in the presence of the enemy.  The Star of Military Valour (SMV) is the second highest award for military valour and recognises distinguished and valiant service in the presence of the enemy. The SMV is awarded only to members of the Canadian Forces or members of allied armed forces, serving alongside the Canadian Forces, who have shown conspicuous acts of valour in the face of enemy hostility. The SMV was first awarded in 2006 for an act of gallantry under enemy fire in the Pashmul region of Afghanistan. The SMV may be awarded posthumously.

Design: The Star is a gold star, representing the compass star Celeste with four points with a maple leaf in each of the angles formed by the cross. The obverse has a roundel, superimposed in the centre of the star bearing a gold maple leaf on a red enamel background and surrounded by a silver wreath of laurel. On the reverse, the upper arm bears the Royal Cipher (EIIR) beneath St Edwards Crown and the inscription ‘PRO VALORE’. Below this is engraved the rank and name of the recipient. The crimson ribbon has two vertical white stripes. The medal is suspended from a bar, and for women, the medal is on a ribbon fashioned into a bow.

Bars: Subsequent acts of gallantry equating to a further award of the SMV are indicated by a gold bar bearing a maple leaf at its centre.