May I ask all members to note that the Head Master of Wellington College near Camberley has very kindly agreed to host the Gallantry Medallists League for its Muster in 2014.  In order to fit in with their academic year and to return to an autumn muster, the dates have been set as the weekend of 3 – 5 October 2014.   As planning commences to determine how we will run the muster we will keep all members informed however this note gives you over 14 months to place it in your diary and to try and keep the weekend free.  The committee have already agreed to heavily subsidise the event to encourage attendance and the location is as central as we could make it.
Although we have booked the entire weekend, it is likely the Muster will only take place on the Saturday but possibly include a short Sunday service with the school however we do not intend to try to sustain the full weekend of events as this has proved expensive for members and difficult to commit to an entire weekend.
Please have a look at the Wellington College website at to appreciate the grand surroundings that we have been invited to share for our muster.
I hope you will do your very best to attend and support the League as the timing and location offer us a fantastic opportunity to hold a great event like the DCM League Musters of old.